Raising the Bar with Designer Barcodes

snickers barcodeWhile we’ve seen a lot of decorative 1D barcodes in the past, they were simply for aesthetics and did not function. Designers began to edit 2D barcodes, to make them both functional and beautiful, but 1D barcodes were still untouched… until recently.

In order to scan properly, barcodes must meet very specific guidelines, which was always challenging for decorative barcodes. Now, there’s a company called Vanity Barcode that makes custom, visually appealing barcodes that scan just as well as a regular barcode.

For companies looking to spruce up their package designs, Vanity Barcode is able to offer that extra touch to add another layer of valuable branding. In addition to a library of stock barcode designs, companies are able to request custom designs. Designer Yael Miller started off designing packages for retail products, but realizes the importance of subtle brand references and is “…excited to work with companies who want to integrate a custom “ownable” barcode design into their brand messaging.”

For more information on Vanity Barcode, check out their website here.