QR Codes: Will New Features Help them Flourish?

Just as we began to think QR codes were dead, Scanbuy, creators of the QR code scanning platform ScanLife, may have breathed new life into them.

Scanbuy recently introduced a new platform that will allow marketers to easily create unique experiences for consumers. Factors such as operating system of the device used to scan the QR code, consumer location, time of day and the consumer’s loyalty can be factored into templates. In addition, YouTube videos, photo galleries and Google maps can be embedded.

With these new features, it’s hopeful that consumers will see more value in QR codes and start scanning them more often. For marketers, the new platform creates additional opportunities for engagement as well as campaign tracking. Marketers can now track scanning activity, campaign comparisons, demographics, location information and first-time customers.

The additional back-end data, combined with an enhanced user experience, should hopefully give QR codes the attention they deserve.

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