QR Codes & What’s Next – NFC, Google Goggles or Something Else?

Speculation as to what will replace QR codes – NFC, Google goggles, etc. – surfaces

We recently discussed NFC technology replacing QR codes, but I came across an article from Business Insider that puts an interesting spin on things.

Since Google put an end to their QR code Favorite Places, there’s been a lot of speculation about what’s next. We previously discussed the Google goggles app being a replacement to QR codes and the fact that Google is also exploring NFC technology raises some suspicions.

The Business Insider article discusses how, for many users, it can be a pain to scan a QR code. First, if you don’t have a barcode scanning app, you will have to download one. And even if you do, it may not be the right kind for proprietary codes such as Microsoft Tag. From there, you have to scan it, holding still and getting a close up picture. The article goes on to say that advertisers should just direct consumers directly to the page that they want, such as, “Go to Facebook.com/mybrand,” but what about companies who want to direct people to a mobile site with all of their different social media options?

While Google goggles has improved its functionality since launch, allowing people to take a photo of anything and retrieve information, I still think NFC technology will be the ultimate in convenience for consumers. Simply holding your phone up to a poster and being directed to the appropriate site is by far the easiest solution, no typing, downloading or photo taking needed.

Companies are still exploring uses for NFC technology, but I think eventually, it will in fact replace the beloved QR code. What do you think about a best alternative to QR codes, or should they remain on top? Let us know what you think by commenting here, or on our Facebook or twitter pages.