QR Codes Used to Find Missing Persons

While QR codes have been used in countless marketing and social media campaigns, did you know that they are also being used to find missing persons?

Stephen Watkins, a Canadian father searching for his two missing sons, suggested the idea to add QR codes to missing children posters in order to assist police and passersby in finding them.

Another father, Henry Da Massa, is still hopefully that he will find his daughter, Pearl, and has also been using QR codes. “It just bridges that gap between someone seeing something and having to make a mental note to look it up later,” said Da Massa.

In addition to parents of missing children, the Toronto Police have also been using QR codes on missing persons posters. “These new smartphones, that’s the basis of a lot of the newer generation communication and we need to reach everybody” said Const. Wendy Drummond, Toronto Police Services.

Using QR code technology to get the word out reaches a much wider audience than in the former days of the milk carton, and also allows for the inclusion of more photos of the missing person.

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