QR Codes Used for Wi-Fi access on Android smartphones

Connect to a wireless network on an Android smartphone by scanning a QR code!

Between autocorrect and large fingers, typing on a touch-screen smartphone can sometimes be problematic. This is particularly the case when trying to connect to a wireless network (WLAN), as sometimes there’s an extremely long password for wireless excess with a combination of letters and numbers. Luckily, with Android smartphones, there’s away around this.

Android phones encrypt their Wi-Fi access with QR codes, so you will only have to type information once. By using the ZXing generator and selecting wireless network, you can fill in the ID and password fields and generate a QR code, which can be printed or saved to your computer so that you do not have to type information each time.

Using the ZXing barcode scanner, you can scan the QR code you created and easily connect to the wireless network.

I could definitely see this come in handy if you are having visitors, or frequently go to a friends house or coffee shop to use the internet. If you’ve set up a wireless access QR code on your Android, let us know where you’ve used it and how it has helped by commenting below, or on our facebook or twitter pages.