QR Codes Used at Bus Stops in Florida

If you’re in the US and you take public transportation everyday, then you know that the timing is less than perfect. Waiting for the bus, for example, takes up time and leaves you guessing as to when it will finally arrive. In order to facilitate the situation, select bus stops in Florida will be adorned with QR Codes.

LYNX, a bus service that serves central Florida, plans to place QR codes on each bus and bus stop. Once scanned, users will be able to receive a schedule and timing information about the routes in real-time.

To kick-off the program, LYNX has selected popular bus stops to receive large-scale QR codes that commuters will easily be able to spot and scan the codes. By using QR codes, the bus company hopes to improve their relationship with commuters. Given feedback, it is hoped that travel time will decrease, keeping both LNYX and their patrons happy.

While LYNX may only be one bus company in Forida, I see this implementation as something big. Imagine if every bus stop in the country had a QR code? What if you could scan a QR code on your plane ticket and receive up-to-date flight information without having to find a screen in the airport, or navigate through the carrier’s website. The possibilities for QR codes in transportation are endless. Can you think of other uses for them in transportation? Let us know by commenting here, or on our Facebook or Twitter Pages.