QR Codes: The New Way to Grocery Shop

QR codes are being used to buy groceries in South Korea

Americans seem to be busier now more than ever—with a still struggling economy, workload is up, meaning long hours and little spare time for even the mundane, like grocery shopping. Leave it to our friends in South Korea to start testing a way to get groceries on the go, all through scanning a QR code on your smart phone.

With the ambitious goal of becoming the number one grocer in South Korea, UK-based Tesco has began testing a new way to grocery shop in their Home Plus stores. While people are waiting in the subway, they can shop for their groceries by using “wallpaper” replicas of grocery store shelves. The images of grocery store items have their own QR codes. Once the app is downloaded, shoppers simply scan the QR codes of the items they want and items will go into a virtual shopping cart. Once finished shopping, they can checkout, pay, and even indicate when and where they want delivery.

Check out the video below to see grocery shopping at its most efficient:

While smartphone and QR code usage in American have rapidly increased, and some grocers do offer online shopping and delivery, do you think America is ready for a completely mobile grocery experience? Share your thought by commenting below, or on our Facebook or twitter pages.