QR Codes Tell All in Penthouse Magazine

While Sports Illustrated launched a JAGTAG campaign in last year’s swimsuit edition, Penthouse Magazine just launched their QR code campaign in order to “…bridge the gap between magazine and reader,” said Eric Danville, managing editor.

In this month’s issue, the QR codes will make their debut, providing readers with more information about the girls featured in the articles, in addition to discounts at their online store. While it’s too early to tell the success of their QR code campaign, I imagine it will be fairly successful, especially with the younger, tech-savvy audiences. The Sports Illustrated JAGTAG campaign had over 100,000 mobile engagements, making it one of the most successful 2D barcode campaign ever reported in the US at that time. Considering that Penthouse is using QR codes and readers won’t have to download a proprietary app, I’m sure it will fare well.

Have you scanned a QR code in a magazine before? If so, was the information helpful, or a waste of time? Let us know what you think about linking to additional content in magazines via QR codes by commenting below, or on our Facebook or twitter pages.