QR Codes Take Advantage of Glass

Google Glass got us all excited about being able to scan barcodes, but now, some are exploiting this luxury for evil.

We’ve discussed QR code viruses before, but it was only very recently that QR code viruses have targeted Google Glass users.

The camera used in Google Glass adds to the products’ uniqueness, but unfortunately creates a huge liability. A big vulnerability with Google Glass was recently discovered, allowing hackers to compromise the device using QR codes.

Since Google Glass doesn’t use a keyboard, it often depends on QR codes for more typing-centric activities, such as connecting to a Wi-fi network. However, it is very easy to embed malware in QR codes, which, if done for connecting to WiFi, could easily connect to a unsecure network that would allow data siphoning.

While the vulnerability has since been patched for connecting to Wi-fi networks, people could still easily use QR codes to bring up unwanted content.

Watch the video below to learn more about the vulnerability.