QR Codes Spruce Up Resumes

Even though the job market is improving slightly, it’s still hard to get an interview—to get your resume to stand out from the hundreds, even thousands of others. Meet Victor Petit, a guy looking for an internship that doesn’t have your average resume and cover letter. While adding a QR code to your resume may be going above and beyond to some, Victor was able to take a QR code and use it in a unique and interesting way.

Victor used a photograph of himself with a QR code over his mouth, once scanned, it linked to a video of him talking about his skills, but the video focused on only his mouth. When the phone is placed over the QR code on the photograph, it fills in the missing mouth and looks as if he is talking. Check out the video below:

QR CODE – Content-rich Resume from Victor petit on Vimeo.

What an interesting way to use QR codes! Have you seen QR codes being used in new and innovative ways? If so, tell us about it by commenting here, or on our facebook or twitter pages.