QR Codes & Social Media Hit Norwegian Bus Stops

Recently, we discussed how QR codes have been popping up at bus stops in Korea, but the Norwegians have taken this concept to a new level. In Norway, QR codes with real-time tracking have been seen all over bus stops. The company Kolumbus has been placing QR codes throughout Norway, having an estimated 4,500 in the country.

What’s different about these QR codes from the ones used at Korean bus stops? Not only will the Norwegian QR codes help you track the next bus, they’ll help you kill the time before it gets there. Kolumbus’ QR codes are also linked to the Tales of Things application for iPhones, which allows passengers to share memories, stories and messages through the application.

For example, if you’re at the bus stop and scan the QR code only to discover you have 10 minutes until the next bus, kill time by logging into the Tales of Things App and start sharing with others while you wait. Or, simply be entertained by what others have written as they stood in the same spot waiting for a bus.

While it’s definitely handy to know when the next bus is coming, Kolumbus’ spin on this integrates social networking and QR codes, which I’m a big fan of. Would you like to see something like this come to the US… do you think it will? Let us know by commenting here, or on our Facebook or Twitter pages.