QR Codes on Your Toilet Paper?

QR codes seem to be appearing everywhere from these days—from posters, to billboards, to mosaics—we’ve seen it all, or so we thought… until now.

The latest QR code trend is in the bathroom, and not just on the walls—on the toilet paper! Sieropositivo, an Italian nonprofit that raises awareness for HIV, recently implemented a campaign geared toward women. In ladies rooms across clubs and restaurants throughout Rome and Milan, toilet paper is adorned with QR codes begging the questions, “When you use a public restroom, do you fear diseases? What about when you have sex?”

The QR code toilet paper raises a valid point. Once scanned (preferably before use), users will be taken to #ToiletThink for more information about the HIV awareness campaign.

The campaign began on March 8 to kick off International Women’s Day due to the fact that HIV transmission has increased in young Italian women over the past few years.

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