QR Codes on Trees in DC

QR codes have appeared on tags on trees throughout the nation’s capital as part of a city-wide tree adoption program.

If you’re in Washington, DC, you may have noticed something on the trees—it’s a QR code! The District of Columbia’s Department of Transportation recently launched a QR code campaign as a part of their Canopy Keepers project. Basically, the QR codes are on the trees because, once scanned, residents can choose to adopt the tree.

Currently, the QR code tagged trees are located in Adams Morgan, Brookland, Fairlawn and Tenleytown. Theses neighborhoods will enjoy freshly planted trees, adorned with QR codes. Once a resident scans the QR code and chooses to adopt a tree, he/she must commit to supplying ten gallons of water to the tree each week between the beginning of spring to the beginning of winter, in addition to clearing weeds and/or litter and alerting the department of any necessary maintenance requirements.

This is definitely an innovative way to not only use QR codes, but help the environment too! Could you see a similar QR code tree adoption program taking place in other cities?

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