QR Codes on Halloween

Everyone seems to be experimenting with QR codes this Halloween!

Barcoding Inc. wishes everyone a very happy Halloween! In honor of this day, we’ve gathered some of the greatest QR code Halloween creations.

Need a last minute costume? How about being a QR code?

Or, if you’re too shy to wear your costume out in public, just print out a regular QR code and link people to a photo of you dressed in costume.

Have a steady hand? Try making a QR code Jack-O-Lantern:

(It probably won’t scan in the picture, but it does scan in real life!)

Or, try making a QR code out of all your leftover candy:

QR codes are appearing everywhere this Halloween… even Hallmark has integrated them into their Halloween cards. Send us your Halloween QR code pictures, or better yet, post them to our Facebook or twitter pages.