QR Codes, MOOve Over

If you’ve gone to a tradeshow, chances are, you accumulated a lot of business cards. Perhaps some of those cards have a QR code on them, allowing you to easily store the new contact information, but what if you didn’t have to open your QR code scanning app to do so? What if the information could be directly transferred to you?

Printing company Moo has recently developed business cards containing built-in Near Field Communication (NFC) passive 13.56 MHz RFID inlay that delivers information directly to the card’s recipient. If the card’s recipient has an NFC-enabled phone, contact information could easily be transferred to it—no hassle.

Currently, Moo’s NFC-enabled business cards are being beta-tested amongst a group of 150,000 individuals. Each card links to wherever the participant chooses. The cards NFC inlay is embedded in between layers of paper used in their Luxe line of business cards. When an NFC-enabled phone taps the card, it reads the ID number, transfers it to Moo’s server and content is provided.

Moo hopes to fully launch their line of NFC business cards in the first quarter of 2013.

Are NFC-enabled business cards a good idea? Is it simply too soon due to the lack of NFC-enabled devices or will NFC ultimately replace QR codes? Share your thoughts by commenting below, or on our Facebook or twitter pages.