QR Codes Make Their Way to Travel Books

While many travelers do extensive research on their destination before their trip via the web, they also still use tourism books and guides, especially when traveling abroad.

A new travel book is now using QR codes to help readers connect with various locations around the globe. Earthbound: A Rough Guide to the World in Pictures contains photographs from all around the world, each with their own QR code linking to the location of what’s pictured in the photo via Google Maps. Once at Google Maps, its easy to see a satellite view of the image and bookmark the locations so that if you are ever in the area, your phone can give you directions to visit the spot.

Adding QR codes to guidebooks is a big step for the QR code, which in the US, has been slow to adopt. It would be great if travel guides such as Fromers could incorporate them into their books, since many people constantly carry it when traveling. Rather than typing in the number for that historic café in Paris, it’d be much more convenient to simply scan a code and have the information automatically be at your fingertips. In addition, rather than carrying the book with you all day, travelers could simply scan the codes of all the places that they wanted to visit, being able to bring up the information while also having access to directions.

QR codes are the perfect medium to bridge the gap between web and print, and many argue, are the print industry’s’ saving grace.