QR Codes Make It To High Fashion


When you think of QR codes, high fashion may not exactly come to mind, but during New York Fashion Week, they were at the forefront of everyone’s.

Tiffany and Co. used QR codes atop cookies frosted in the classic Tiffany blue. Once scanned, an invitation to a Leighton Meester concert was revealed.

Matel got in on the QR code action by using a Barbie-themed bus and doll displays that gave scanners a chance to win designer clothes.

They were even used as a part of a scavenger hunt for the Madison Avenue Business Improvement District and the Madison Avenue Spy blog.

QR codes seem to be popping up everywhere these days in industries from to tech to fashion to non-profit. How are you using QR codes? Let us know by commenting below, or on our Facebook or twitter pages.