QR Codes: In with the New, In with the Old

QR Codes have been making a splash in Tamarac, FL, a city founded entirely for senior citizens. In fact, Tamarac is the first city in its entire county to start using QR codes in order to communicate with residents.

Beginning in January, QR codes will begin to appear in the city’s magazine, Tam-A-Gram, on signs and even at the base of sculptures. Residents with smart phones will be able to scan the QR codes placed throughout the city and instantly obtain information on an artist whose work is on display, or perhaps updates from the parks and recreation department.

Tamarac City Manager, Jeffrey L. Miller stated, “For us QR Codes are another tool we will use to reach out to the public—they’re a shortcut to more information.”

Even thought the city is predominately senior citizens, that doesn’t mean it can’t make use of QR code technology. With applications such as Facebook, Senior Citizens have never been more social, so adding QR Codes to their lifestyle should only enhance their communications.

Could you see grandma using QR codes? I could… they are simple to use and provide information instantly, who wouldn’t want to use them? Let us know what you think about Senior Citizens and QR codes by commenting here, or on our Facebook or Twitter pages.