QR Codes in the Union

QR codes are being used by a union to spread awareness on their concerns

Former workers at American Crystal Sugar that had gotten locked-out and replaced when trying to negotiate have turned to QR codes for help. The workers are using them as a part of a campaign to educate consumers about the lockout. In states where workers are locked out, such as Minnesota, North Dakota and Iowa, former workers will hand out fliers adorned with QR codes.

Once scanned, consumers will be taken to a campaign website and directed to watch a video entitled, “American Crystal Sugar is Killing the American Dream.” Once viewed, more information about the lockout can be read, and consumers can sign a petition to support the workers and even send a message to the company’s CEO.

Union workers have already filed an unfair labor practice, with claims that American Crystal did not bargain in good faith. Hopefully, their QR code campaign will shed light on labor issues and an agreement can be made. Below, is the video that consumers are directed to once the QR code is scanned.