QR Codes: In-store and at the Office

If you’ve been to a Best Buy lately, then you’ve probably seen their amazing use of QR codes throughout the store. Each product’s display tag has one and links to more information about that particular product. In fact, because of their QR code implementation, they have become a model for other retailers to follow. What you may not have realized is that QR codes are not only in the stores, but also at their corporate headquarters.

Posters have been displayed throughout Best Buy Headquarters to test the viability of mood sampling. A “thumbs-up” or “thumbs-down” QR code is displayed, and when scanned inputs a value of “good” or “bad” and a running total of each is displayed on the workers cell phone. Each code is location specific, so on the back end, moods can be attributed to specific locations, or departments, of the company.

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