QR Codes Help Commuters

If you’ve been without cash at the train station, or try tirelessly to avoid on-train surcharges, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) in New York may have a new ticketing solution for you.

Commuters of the Metro-North Railroad may soon be able to download a free app to buy any type of train tickets, such as one-way, round trip or monthly passes.

The app would give commuters an electronic ticket in the form of a QR code that the train conductor would be able to scan and validate. While the app is still in the test phase, if successful, the MTA will look to expand the program, making it just as popular as the standard ticketing machines.

“Smartphones have the potential to transform the public transit systems across the United States. Passengers will be able to quickly and easily find, buy and display tickets on their phones wherever they are without having to worry about carrying cash or waiting in line, thereby providing a better commuter experience,” said Giacomo Biggiero, Director of Masabi US Ltd., the company the MTA has partnered with to provide the technology.

In addition to convenience, the barcode solution is also paperless, thus having a more positive impact on the environment than standard paper tickets.

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