QR Codes Good for Something

QR codes were used in a marriage proposal

For those of you that think QR codes are dead, think again. QR codes are very much alive when it comes to love.

Guido Villar, a 31-year-old entrepreneur from Buenos Aires, decided to use QR codes to propose to his now wife. Villar set up a route with a web-based QR reader and stuck QR codes throughout the city of Tandil. They were mainly placed in key spots Villar and his fiancée had been throughout their relationship.

As his fiancée went on a QR code scavenger hunt, Villar went into his house and lit over 50 candles. His fiancée was followed the QR code trail and was eventually led back to their house, which also had a QR code on it. Once scanned, it played their song. Last but not least, Villar held a huge QR code sign which, once scanned, revealed the proposal.

She said yes and the couple has now been happily married for two years!

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