QR Codes Go Vegetarian

VegFest, a healthy vegetarian food festival in Seattle, will feature a variety of different exhibitors, but one in particular will not only be offering killer food, but killer technology—that exhibitor is Dave’s Killer Bread.

Dave’s Killer Bread, a healthy organic bakery, will be giving away temporary tattoos in the form of QR codes. Once adhered to the skin, they can be scanned just like a regular QR code. Once scanned, the QR code will offer one of three prizes—a loaf of bread, t-shirt or the grand prize—a goodie bag filled with healthy loafs of bread and different branded paraphernalia.

While this is the first instance of QR Code temporary tattoos, Dave Dahl, head of Dave’s Killer Bread, simply sees it as an extension of the company’s social media campaign. VegFest is this weekend, so I’m excited to see how this QR code campaign turns out, but I have a feeling it will be very successful—who doesn’t love a good temporary tattoo and some free goodies?

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