QR Codes Go Big With Dicks Sporting Goods

dicks sporting goods qr codesWe at barcode.com have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of QR codes in the US. While QR codes, or 2D barcodes do not have as much momentum here as they do in Japan yet, the future looks promising. Dick’s Sporting goods decided to launce its new mobile site by using QR codes on the world’s largest HDTV at the new Cowboys Stadium. Dick’s larger than life QR code was unveiled during the 3rd quarter of the University of Oklahoma vs. Bringham Young University on Saturday, September 5, 2009. The stadium jumbotron directed fans to use their smart phones in order to check out the company’s new mobile site, http://dsports.mobi, for an exclusive $10 discount.

While other American companies have implemented QR code campaigns, none have done it in such a large way, exposing such a massive amount of people to the technology at once. Even those without a QR capable phone were included in the launce. An announcer instructed fans to take pictures of the QR code that was displayed on the jumbtron, and fans with the readers were immediately taken to the site. Fans without the reader were able to simply enter the url in their phone’s browser, or by taking a photo of the jumbotron and e-mailing it to Dicks.

By actively engaging consumers in the launch, the campaign was a great way to reach a lot of customers and introduce them to QR code technology all at once. As phones begin to ship with pre-loaded QR code readers and more and more American companies such as Kidrobot and Dicks implement QR code campaigns, QR codes should be a fully implemented reality in the US in no time!