QR Codes get more Social with buzziTag

Linking to a website via a QR code is so 2010. In 2011, it’s cool to not only link to a social networking page, but have that link lead to an action, such as responding to an event invite, liking something or even writing on a wall.

buzziTag does exactly that, giving users the ability to create facebook wall posts, rsvp to a facebook event, like a facebook page, listen to music or view a video. While buzziTag is still in beta, it already features:

  • QR codes are generated as png or pdf sheet
  • Demo mode to test created QR Codes
  • Usage Statistics
  • Complete interface for QR code management
  • Session handling, allowing Smartphone users to login only once

Rather than simply directing people to a static webpage, Buzzitag allows users to connect on another level socially by instantly creating the actions they crave. buzziTag seems rather Facebook focused, so I’m wondering if they plan to integrate other social media sites such as Twitter and LinkedIn. Do you think you would use buzziTag? If so, let us know the how and why by commenting here, or on our Facebook or Twitter pages.