QR Codes for the Government?

While QR codes are used across a wide variety of industries, your mind may immediately jump to retail as a main proponent of them—with all the sales and mobile incentives over the Thanksgiving holiday, its easy to see why.

But did you know that government agencies are also using QR codes? When you think of the stereotypical perception of government, the term “tech-savvy” may not immediately come to mind, but all that is changing. Many government agencies are realizing the benefits that technology, such as QR codes, can offer for better service and faster response time to citizens’ needs.

Government agencies are using QR codes in order to:

  • Automate networking
  • Advertise jobs
  • Provide more information
  • Streamline processes for building permits and zoning changes
  • Communicate during emergencies
  • Help citizens make tax payments

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