QR Codes: Coming to a Macy’s Near You

If you plan on doing some spring shopping at Macy’s this season, then
you may be pleasantly surprised by the retailer’s use of QR codes.
Starting this week, Macy’s will be launching the Macy’s Backstage Pass
campaign, which will allow in-store shoppers to see custom video
content such as fashion advice, tips, trends and more.

The 30 second video clips will showcase Macy’s premier design partners
and from there, customers will be able to access more content of

In order to familiarize customers with this new campaign and
technology, Macy’s has created a how-to video. By simply texting the
word “learn” to MACYS, customers will be taken to a microsite
explaining both QR code technology and the campaign.

I have been noticing that more and more retailers are using QR codes
to enhance the shopping experience and not just provide
coupons…although, coupons can be nice too. If you were out shopping,
would you stop to scan a QR code—would you care enough to take the
time to learn more? Let us know how you feel about enhancing the
shopping experience through QR codes by commenting here, or on our
Facebook or Twitter pages.