QR Codes – Can They Be Reversed Out?

I recently stumbled upon a discussion in which someone was asking if QR codes could be reversed (white on black) on still scan. It’s an interesting question, because when I looked back, I could only recall seeing black QR codes on a white background.

While it is possible to reverse QR codes, not all barcode readers will support this. All readers are capable of scanning a black barcode on a white background, but when it comes to the reverse, only certain readers are capable.

The i-nigma reader does support reversed QR codes, however if you are using the code for some sort of marketing campaign, then you may want to consider that your audience will be using different readers, most of which do not support reverse QR code scanning.

If you know of other barcode readers that support reverse QR code scanning, please let us know by commenting on our blog or Twitter pages. However, until reverse QR code scanning is a common feature among barcode readers, I would suggest sticking with standard black on white in order to reach the largest audience.