QR Codes Become Mainstream at Shopping Malls

A recent trip to the mall got me excited. Although there were no special sales, and it was still annoyingly crowded, one thing that stood out to me was the use of QR codes at not one, not two, but three stores!

My first stop was Sephora, where I was pleasantly greeted by a QR code sign that linked to a video with more details about the product. In addition to the product-centric QR codes, Sephora also offers an iPhone app that not only features its own QR code scanner, but also allows for mobile e-commerce, seeing past purchases and viewing samples based on the number of Beauty Insider points a customer has. While QR codes are becoming more prevalent, I was happy to see them at Sephora since’s the majority of its consumers are female, and males tend to do more QR code scanning. Props to Sephora for being innovative, however, could I get an Android version of app, please? Afterall, Android users scan more QR codes than iPhone users.

My next QR code spotting was at Garage, a young women’s clothing store. I was pleased to see a huge cardboard display adorned with a massive QR code, again, at a place who’s primary customers are female.

Last but not least, Gamespot had a QR code dispay that gave those who scanned additional information about a particular game.

All in all, it was a great shopping trip and I was excited to see that stores, especially female-centric ones, were implementing QR code campaigns. Have you seen QR codes in your travels? Let us know the whereabouts by commenting here, or on our Facebook or Twitter pages.