QR Codes at SXSW

While speculation regarding whether or not QR codes will stick around is constant, they appear to be playing a huge role at the interactive portion of SXSW, which is an annual festival in Austin, TX, showcasing the latest in tech.

One of the panel discussions, “FutureShop: Virtual QR Stores, NFC Receipts & More,” addresses the mobile shopping revolution, highlighting Tesco’s virtual grocery store, which allows consumers to do their grocery shopping via qr codes and product images at the subway station. From examining this, and other examples of mobile shopping, the panel will make predictions around the future of shopping and how consumers and companies alike may benefit. There’s also a panel entitled, “QR Codes & NFC: When Physical & Digital Collide,” further establishing the QR codes’ place in tech.

QR codes are also represented by, Scanbuy, a company who’s believed in QR codes all along and specializes in mobile barcode solutions. Scanbuy is using QR codes at SXSW by holding a competition called ScanSocial with Taco Bell and Viafo. Essentially, users scan a QR code, enter their twitter login and Viafo’s software links to their twitter profiles, generating personalized QR codes. Users will then get other SXSW attendees to scan their QR code to earn points. Daily winners receive a $50 cash gift card and $20 Taco Bell gift card, in addition to being tweeting at from @TacoBell. The grand prize is four tickets to the Closing Night Party at SXSW and there’s even a leaderboard to see who’s on top!

Clearly, QR codes are present at SXSW… attendees can even register to vote by using them. If one of the largest tech conferences endorses QR codes, then I think it’s safe to say they will be around for awhile, but I wouldn’t be surprised if I saw a lot more hybrid QR code solutions that also combined NFC.

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