QR Codes Are Here To Stay

When I started writing about QR codes over two years ago, I was excited for their possibilities, yet doubted their success in the US. Sure, they were already highly successful in Japan at the time, but could they really catch on, would they really become a household conversation? Two years later, the answer to that is yes.

After seeing countless stories in the news regarding QR codes, and knowing that QR code readers come pre-loaded on many smartphones, I think its safe to say that they are here to stay. I recently came across an excellent post entitled, “101 Uses for Quick Response Codes.” It links to many examples of large-scale QR code implementation, such as Times Square, and also gives potential uses for QR codes.

Among my favorites of proposed ideas are creating a code that could, once scanned, make a phone call or populate an e-mail field. It can be time consuming to copy or type this information, so a QR code that could automate the process would be ideal.

There are countless of other uses and ideas (101 to be exact), check out the post here.
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