QR Codes Appear on Restaurant Menus

Vanda Asapahu’s parents ran a Thai restaurant in Los Angeles and were hoping that she and her brother could run the business when they retired. So, she moved from Bangkok to LA and began to collaborate with her brother on how to increase the restaurants success.

The restaurant, Ayara Thai Cuisine, built an excellent rapport through word of mouth and on review sites such as Yelp, but the brother-sister team knew there was a way to further the business by using technology. That technology was QR codes.
Coming from Bangkok, Vanda knew about the potential of QR codes and decided to implement a campaign of her own at her newly acquired restaurant. Since she had used QR codes before, she knew what was appealing to customers—food/drink specials, coupons, giveaways and even discounts if a riddle were solved.

Although her parents were skeptical, she kept going with her QR code dreams, rationalizing that the cost of a QR code campaign was very little, with the ability to create free QR codes online. However, she realized that the restaurant’s current site was not very friendly on mobile devices, so she turned to Paperlinks in order to create a mobile-optimized page.
At first, Vanda placed QR codes on the front and back of the menu, linking to the mobile site about the restaurant, photos of food and links to social media sites. So far, feedback from customers has been positive, and she plans on taking her campaign to the next level by offering a loyalty program, videos and special offers.

QR codes seem to be popping up everywhere these days, but I haven’t seen too many on restaurant menus. If you’ve seen a QR code on a menu, let us know where by commenting here, or on our Facebook or twitter pages.