QR Codes Appear on Facebook

Two new buttons recently appeared on Facebook entited, “View QR Barcode” and “Generate status QR barcode,” below selected Facebook profile pictures. While the links did not yet function, and were not live for long, it is believed that the one link will generate a profile page QR code, while the other will display the account holders most recent status update. The QR code links momentarily appeared on profile pages of users who access Facebook predominately through their mobile phones.

Although the links were not officially released, the fact the Facebook plans on adding QR codes to profiles is big (and good) news for fans of QR codes. I’m wondering if companies with Facebook pages will also be able to use QR codes for coupons or other offers. As far as personal pages are concerned, I’m wondering how the QR codes will truly play into the profile page, perhaps it will have similar tracking/check-in functionalities such as Foursquare?

However Facebook intends on using the QR codes, I’m sure, much like Facebook itself, it will catch on quickly, which is great news for QR code technology.