QR Codes Appear at Smyth Jewelers

Smyth Jewelers, a Baltimore-based company (like Barcoding Inc.), has recently implemented a QR code campaign. If you drive by the store, you will see a QR code prominently displayed on their window pane.

To help kick-off the holiday season, Smyth Jewelers has implemented a mobile marketing campaign referred to as “15 days, 15 deals.” Once a customer scans the QR code in the window, he/she will be able to enjoy a deal specific to that day. Once scanned, customers can simply save the QR code and show the sales representative at the check-out counter and receive the discount. These discounts won’t just be on any jewelry, they will even be on famous brand names in order to successfully kick-off their first QR code campaign, and quite honestly, one of the few QR campaigns in Baltimore.

Much like the groupon concept, Symth’s is offering a deal a day, but where it differs is having people actually come to the store to scan the QR code. I’m sure once someone goes to the trouble of driving to the store and scanning the QR code, they won’t be leaving empty-handed. Happy shopping everyone!

Have you seen any QR code campaigns at locally-owned stores this holiday season? If so, let us know the who, what, where and when by commenting on our Facebook or Twitter pages.