QR Codes and Google Favorite Places

Google Favorite Places QR CodeTypically, when Google initiates something, it turns into something big. That’s why we, at Barcoding Blog, are pretty excited about Google’s new Favorite Places.

Google began its Favorite Places initiative by sending out 100,000 window decals of QR codes to popular restaurants, stores and attractions throughout the US. This favoritism was based upon Google users’ interactions with local business listings.

The QR code decals can be scanned with a supported phone in order to reveal restaurant reviews, in addition to allowing users to star the business as a favorite and more.

How It Works
In order to scan the code with your phone’s camera, you will need to make sure that the model phone that you are using comes pre-loaded with a QR code reader. If it doesn’t there’s no need to worry, simply download a reader. Google is recommending that users perform a Google search with the model of your phone along with the words “QR reader” in order to find one compatible with your phone. So far, Google ha found the beetagg, neoreader, QuickMark and Barcode Scanner applications to be very useful for a wide variety of phones.

Once you have the proper application, you can scan the code in order to take you to that business’ mobile Place Page where users can:

  • Read reviews about the business
  • Find coupons
  • Star the business to remember to check it out later
  • Leave a review

While we’ve been seeing small instances of QR codes appear in the US, they are still much more prominent in Japan. Perhaps Google Favorite Places will aid in spreading the prominence of QR codes throughout the US.