QR Code Usage in the US Continues to Rise

3GVision, one of the major players in the mobile barcode industry, recently released a report on the growth of mobile barcodes throughout the world as of the end of 2010. Surprise, the USA is at the top of the list for the most barcodes scanned on the 3GVision platform over anywhere else in the world!

Globally, 3GVision saw a 447% increase in the amount of mobile barcodes scanned in Q4 of 2010, but for the first time the US, took the top spot. However, Canada was the country with the fastest growing scan rate.

Over the past few years, the use of mobile barcodes had been growing slowly but surely, until 2010, where it’s clear that numbers spiked. One thing I am surprised about is that the US had more scans than Japan, yet they seem to be a lot more prevalent in Japan. However, its important to realize that this study was based solely off of results from 3GVision, so its possible that there are other platforms that are more popular.

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