2d Barcode Tattoo: You Can’t Change the Tattoo, but you can Change what it Links to!

Man gets QR code tattoo on chest, links to animation, for whiskey campaign.

Ballantine, a brand of whiskey, recently launched their campaign, Leave an Impression, which encourages users to create a video. Ballantine contacted a Paris-based tattoo artist, Karl Marc, to see if he would be interested in creating a 2d barcode tattoo that would scan.

Marc agreed, and gave his friend Marco the 2d barcode tattoo on his chest! The 2d barcode links to an animation, which, unlike the tattoo, will be able to change and be updated as time goes on. While the tattoo is real, there were uncertainties that it would not scan once on skin, but thankfully, it does.

Would you consider getting a 2d barcode tattoo? If so, what would you link to? Let us know by commenting below, or on our Facebook or twitter pages.

Check out the video of Marco getting the tattoo: