QR Code Replacement?

While QR codes continue to gain visibility in the US, there will always be skeptics, and always companies looking to improve upon the solution. Meet Zoove, a company that seeks to improve the QR code process by registering **BRAND numbers as shortcodes that people can call and will receive a text message in return with a URL.

While the advantage of this would be not having to download a QR code reader or having a smartphone. The Zoove codes can work with any phone, and different types of items can be sent to different phones. For example, if you wanted to link to a certain app for download, iPhone users would be automatically directed to the iTunes store, while Android users would be directed to the market. Since Zoove has partnerships with the phone company, they would know your phone number, location and the kind of phone you’re using. However, a major disadvantage would be that it uses up a minute from your voice plan and a text message from your data pan.

So far, Zoove has had success in selling themselves to companies. **FLOWERS is already registered for 1-800-Flowers, as is **Suzuki for the automobile manufacturer. Brands that sign on with Zoove wll receive great tracking metrics, but unlike with QR codes, these metrics come with a price. In addition to charging content recipients text and voice fees, advertisers would have to pay a yearly fee to rent the ** numbers.

Personally, I don’t think its too much of a pain to download a QR code reader, but I do see a lot of potential with Zoove, particularly with companies that target low to moderate income individuals. Since lower income folks typically don’t have smartphones, I think Zoove is a great alternatives that allow people with regular feature phones to participate in the real world to online world connection. While I don’t think Zoove will replace QR codes, I can see companies frantically buying up ** names just so they have it. They will be a nice compliment to QR Codes. What do you think about Zoove? Let us know by commenting here, or on our Facebook or Twitter pages.