QR Code Purchasing Does Well in Pilot

While near field communication (NFC) still hasn’t made it to the latest iPhone, it is becoming prevalent on more and more devices. However, cashless purchasing via NFC technology has still not taken off. But, there is a method of cashless purchasing that is growing—QR codes.

Barclaycard US has recently noticed an increased amount of transactions on their QR code-based mobile payment app. The app, bPay, was launched last year and is available for both Android and iOS phones.

Barclaycard US worked with approximately 40 small merchants in Newark and Wilmington Delaware near the company’s headquarters in order to test the effectiveness of the app.

bPay allows users to both pay and redeem discounts and offers by scanning a QR coded with their smartphones. And credit and debit cards can be loaded into the bPay app for cloud-based transactions.

The pilot of the bPay app has been successful, but the demographics of Newark and Wilmington are generally a younger crowd due to the University. It would be interesting to see some data on who is using the bPay app—is it just college kids and recent graduates? Or has mobile payment via QR code truly become popular for the masses?

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