QR Code Mosaics

Rio de Janiero is known for its beautiful sidewalk mosaics, but now, the mosaics will also serve as virtual tour guides.

QR code mosaics were recently embedded into the sidewalk at Arpoador. Once scanned, the QR code takes visitors to a map with useful tourist information, such as tips, historical facts and photos, all of which are available in Portugese, Spanish or English.

The QR code mosaics are a part of the QRIO project, implemented by the Department of Conservation. They hope to add 50 more QR codes throughout the city by July 2014, when Rio de Janiero hosts the FIFA World Cup.

Do you think creating QR code mosaics is a good idea? Or will QR codes be a thing of the past by July 2014? Share your thoughts by commenting below, or on our Facebook or twitter pages.