QR Code in Your Beer?

My goodness, there’s a beer glass that reveals a QR code when Guinness is poured into it.

As QR code usage continues to grow, we’re seeing companies use them in a lot of different ways.

The latest trend was spotted not on a large bill-board or on tv, but at the bar—on your beer glass. BBDO, an ad agency in New York, not only created a QR code glass, but created a social experience for bar-goers to enjoy and engage with.

When empty, the glass appears to be a regular glass with some white specks. Those white specks are the makings of a QR code, but it can’t yet be scanned until beer is
poured into it. But not just any beer—only Guinness or a similarly colored beer will do.

Once scanned, the code allows the beer drinker to tweet about their pint, update facebook status, check in via Foursquare, downloads coupons and promotions,
invite friends to join and launch exclusive Guinness content.