QR Code Generators: Choose Wisely

Since QR codes are becoming more and more widely used, I think it’s important to consider how they are made. While there are a lot of QR code generators out there, there is some key criterion to follow when choosing the one that’s best for you.

1) Cost: Unless you enjoy paying for things that you can get for free, make sure the QR code generator that you choose is free for anything, including direct social media interactions, you want to link your QR code to.

2) Speed: It should take less than a minute to create a QR code.

3) Security: Make sure you trust the site that you are using and avoid using a generator that directs you to a third-party site before creating your desired URL. Third-party sites could be problematic in that they can gain access to your scanning information, causing security issues.

4) Analysis: A good QR generator should allow for easy integration into a system that provides analytics and metrics so you can see just how many people scanned your code.

So, there you have it… be sure to consider the cost (free), speed (fast), security (trustworthiness) and analysis (analytics) of your QR code generator, for the best QR code experience possible for you and those who scan your codes.

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