QR Code Dress Appears at Webby Awards

The Webby Awards, the leading international awards ceremony that honors excellent sites on the Internet, were held on Monday and featured some interesting fashion choices on the “red carpet.” Jessica Stuart, a media specialist who won two Webbys for a video she created for AIDS awareness, designed a dress adorned with QR codes. Once scanned, the codes play her prized video via attendees’ smartphones.

The silk and linen dress was designed by Stuart’s friend, Sarah Rochford, a designer focusing on graphics and costumes. The satin trim also contained horse hair in order for the QR codes to lay flat. Then, the QR codes were silk-screened on.

Stuart considers her QR code dress a “nerd version of the Lady Gaga meat dress.” By the end of the night, her dress was scanned over 100 times, making for a memorable evening.

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