QR Code Cupcakes

Duncan Hines uses QR Codes to create a whole new kind of advertising campaign

QR codes have been printed on just about anything these days–they’ve even been constructed out of candy such as chocolates and m&ms, and now, they’ve even been made out of cupcakes.

Duncan Hines recently launched their “Bake On” campaign, featuring a different take on their tradition advertising campaigns. Rather than showing their usual mom baking in the kitchen, Duncan Hines took a different approach–featuring decadent recipes and no children.

Mark L. Schiller, president of the Duncan Hines grocery division, said that rather than having a “target demographic” of moms, they wanted a campaign that would attract anyone who like to bake. The commercial, below, focuses on unique recipes rather than showing people that would fit into a demographic.

Duncan Hines Cake Mix – 30 from My Active Driveway on Vimeo.

The QR code featured at the end of this whimsical commercial was indeed constructed entirely out of cupcakes. View the video below to see the construction in action:

QR Code Made of Cupcakes from My Active Driveway on Vimeo.

Once scanned, the QR code directs bakers to a mobile site for the Bake On campaign, featuring tons of delicious new recipes. Is that a delicious QR code, or what?