QR Code Coupons Provide Eco-Friendly Solutions

eco qr code

While QR Codes are still not a fully recognized phenommena in the US, more and more companies such as Nike, Facebook, Continental Airlines, and LG are starting to catch on.

Now, in attempt to “go green,” more and more companies are using QR codes as means of providing coupons to their loyal customers. A prime example of this is California based Get Rebounding, an eco-friendly healthy living company that is doing their part for the environment. Get Rebounding offers QR codes as “eco rewards” that consumers can redeem, leading them to special offers and discounts. In addition, Get Rebounding dedicates an entire page of their website to explaining their QR code coupons, stating, “QR Codes are perhaps the most eco-friendly form of marketing out there today. And that¹s part of why we use them.”

Finally, Get Rebounding points customers in the right direction, linking them to the QR code management system that they use, QRreateBUZZ (see update below). I applaud Get Rebounding for not only doing something for the environment, but also doing something for the technological advancement of QR codes in the US. Since QR codes are a paper free solution to coupons, they could potentially save companies throughout the US (and the world) a lot of money, all while helping the sustainability of the earth.

Only time will tell if QR codes will overtake the US as they have already done in Japan, but companies like Get Rebounding are definitely pointing the US in the right direction!

UPDATED: It appears that QRreateBUZZ is no longer available, we’ve found the following QR Code Generator to be an excellent resource.