QR Code Construction

Watch and see how a QR code was made out of candy using a subtraction method

There’s only been a few instances of QR codes appearing on chocolate, and some instances where qr codes are made out of candy, but I haven’t seen any QR codes made using a subtraction method.

Lock&Lock, a Seoul-based company that specializes in food storage containers, recently created a video showing the construction of a QR Code using chocolate squares. By laying out the chocolates in a square and using chopsticks to painstakingly subtract each chocolate for the white areas of the QR code, Lock&Lock was able to create a functional barcode.

Once scanned, the QR code takes users to a Lock&Lock mobile page, but scanning it outside of Korea directs to a non-mobile English page.

View the video below to see how Lock&Lock tediously created this delicious QR code: