QR Code Chocolates

Chocolate QR CodesDesign QR is a Japanese design company that focuses on advertising and designing with QR codes. In conjunction with Chocolate Graphics Japan, a company that produces personalized chocolates, the two companies have been working together to formulate personalized chocolates that display QR codes.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, techie couples will be able to send each other love notes via chocolates adorned with QR codes. Chocolates with QR codes could also be a very beneficial corporate gift, as they can lead recipients to websites, profiles, or blogs. Also, since QR codes are able to be manipulated, Chocolate Graphics Japan is also integrating personalized images into the QR code!

Despite the QR code’s growing popularity, it will still be some time before Americans will be eating chocolates with QR codes on them. Has anyone seen and/or eaten a QR code chocolate? If so, I’d love to hear about your experience: were you able to scan the barcode on the chocolate easily, or did you encounter troubles due to melting or other related issues?