QR Code Bracelet Could Save Your Life

While QR codes are mainly used for advertising and marketing purposes, they’ve also been known to save lives. Earlier, we reported on Mercedes Benz using QR codes for rescue plans in the event of an accident, in addition to QR code stickers embedded with medical information. Now, QR codes have made it to the bracelet in the form of the myID bracelet, a medical identification bracelet that includes an ID and a number that can be called, in addition to a QR code that can be scanned to reveal the wearer’s medical history.

While the idea of a medical bracelet doesn’t exactly spawn thoughts of high fashion, the bracelets are actually pretty stylish and affordable.

“We have an online cloud-based profile. It’s more of a modern age medical ID evolved, so that you can put a lot of information about yourself. I keep all my vitals, three emergency contacts and my insurance information, and if something changes, if my telephone number changes or my mom or dad moves, I can update their phone number really easily,” said Josh Taylor from ENDEVR.

While the bracelet could definitely prove to be useful once a person in need has been stabilized, stopping to dial a number or scan a QR code may not always be an option in the event of an extreme emergency, where every second is vital. Scanning the QR code would definitely be quicker than making a phone call, but there’s still the concern that they are not yet widely adopted enough for the myID bracelet to be useful.

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