QR (2D) Codes Clue-in Detectives on CSI: NY

As you could probably guess, we at barcode.com are very excited for QR codes to become a part of mainstream US, just as they are in Japan. Recently, on an episode of CSI: NY, QR codes came one step closer to becoming a part of American’s daily lives.

Below is a clip from CSI: NY which depicts the QR code as a quintessential clue in the detective’s investigation. This poses the question, could QR codes become helpful clues in the future?

The clip gives an excellent explanation and demonstration on QR codes, so it’s definitely worth checking out if you didn’t already see it on TV:

Hopefully, the average viewer was intrigued by this clip and will download QR code reader software on their cell phones. It’s only a matter of time before the US catches up to Japan. If you’re interested in getting the QR code reader for your cellular phone, you can get it here.