Puma Increases the Efficiency of its Central Scandinavian Warehouse with Intermec Handheld Computers

Puma, one of the world’s premier sporting goods brands, decided to increase the efficiency of its central Scandinavian warehouse by using Intermec handheld computers. Previously, Puma was using a paper based system of inventory tracking, but after taking their business mobile with Intermec handhelds, deliveries are now 99 per cent accurate.

Previously, synchronization between restocking from the buffer to picking was inefficient and the number of incorrect deliveries and complaints was unacceptably high. A lack of organization in handling this synchronization had a negative effect on all aspects of the company – from customer service and the returns department all the way up to the management team.

Now, Puma’s new warehouse management is completely automated. Picking of incoming and outgoing deliveries and inventory are conducted using barcodes and handheld computers synched with a wireless network via a central server. The change from paper to paperless has been extremely positive for all employees.

In order to pick the right solution for them, Puma invited a number of suppliers to present what they had to offer. Eventually, they were presented with the solution of the Intermec CN3, a compact, Cisco-compatible handheld computer. “The CN3 is incredibly flexible, easy to adapt in its design and also very usable in warehouse environments, where it is vital that the handheld terminals are able to handle a large number of items – both in terms of incoming and outgoing deliveries,” says Fredrik Lindqvist, Country Manager at Intermec Scandinavia.

Today, Puma employees work using personal handheld computers such as the Intermec CN3 that they have signed for, which also gives them a sense of responsibility for servicing and maintaining the devices. Thre’s no more worrying about paper asset tracking, and much less room for mistakes, keeping Puma employees, management, and customers happy. The Intermec CN3 revolutionized the way Puma does business and Puma is looking forward to further enhancing their system, possibly with other Intermec products.